Private Fees

We offer a wide range of private treatments, both cosmetic and non-cosmetic. Below is a list of the most popular forms of treatment. Should you wish to discuss any other treatment, please contact us to book a free consultation with your dentist.

All prices listed below are for guidance only, pricing will vary according to your dentist’s assessment of your individual needs.

Private Dental Fees

Private Fee Guide:

All treatment fees listed are subject to full clinical assessment by your dentist and your individual treatment needs. Please ask your dentist if you have any queries.

Membership starting from as little as £11.70 per month.

Treatment Members Non-Members
Examinations and Hygiene
Examination Included £31
New patient examination including x-rays £88 £88
X-rays (each) Included £10
Hygiene Therapy Included From £47
Airflow/airpolish From £57 From £72
Small From £41 From £52
Medium From £58 From £73
Large From £82 From £103
Inhalation Sedation (Gas and Air)
Inhalation Sedation (Gas and Air) From £164 From £206
Tooth Removal
Routine Extraction From £73 From £92
Complex Extraction From £148 From £186
Root Canal Treatment
Front tooth From £173 From £217
Premolar Upper From £256 From £320
Premolar Lower From £210 From £263
Molar From £329 From £412
Crowns, Bridges & Veneers
Crowns From £490 From £613
Bridges From £721 From £902
Veneers From £288 From £361
Inlay From £218 From £273
Re-cement crown/bridge From £47 From £59
Upper and lower arch From £236 From £295
Upper only From £160 From £200
Single tooth only From £156 From £195 (excluding filling)
Additional tube whitening gel From £20 From £25
Sports Guards and Occlusal Appliances
Sports guard From From £145 From £182
Occlusal guard (for grinding/clenching) From £156 From £196
Snoring appliances From £319 From £399
Full Dentures
Partial acrylic From £412 From £515
Full Upper or Lower Acrylic From £614 From £768
Full Upper and Lower Acrylic From £1009 From £1262
Cobalt Chrome (metal) From £524 From £655
Valplast Dentures (flexible) From £577 From £722
Denture Repairs
Repair From £62 From £78
Additions From £116 From £145
Hard Reline From £160 From £201
Soft Reline From £223 From £279