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Supporting Dentistry, Supporting Local Business in the Age of COVID-19


At Plumfield, we know how much access to a local dental laboratory matters to us and to our patients. At a time when dentistry faces a slow recovery, with many routine or elective procedures halted, many dental laboratories have also had to close, or drastically reduce their output. 

We know that much of dentistry doesn't work without dental labs. It's why we're proud to support the #savelabsbuybritish campaign from the Dental Laboratories Association. 

You might ask - what does a dental lab do? Here's a selection of the things our dental labs and dental technicians make for us (and you!):

All of the above items, usually prescribed by a dentist  and unique to the individual patient, are made by a dental laboratory. Dental laboratories are subject to many of the rigorous controls and safety measures that govern dental practices.

Many dentists also enjoy a close relationship with their local lab - dentists and technicians can bring different skills, often working together to solve problems relating to the function and construction of dental appliances.  They can also help patients and dentists achieve the natural look they want from their dental work.

So, we'd like to take this opportunity to pledge:

  • We'll support the campaign online and on social media;
  • We'll also maintain the essential professional relationships with all our local labs;
  • We'll help our patients get the most from their laboratory and treatment experience, as soon as we can.

We'd also like to thank our colleagues at Devonshire House Dental Laboratory and Cumbrian Ceramics Dental Laboratory, for their ongoing hard work and support. If you have questions or would like to find out more about any of the above lab-made appliances and treatments, please follow the links, use our contact form, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Saturday, 25 June 2022

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