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Patient Portal: How To


For a smoother journey through our practice on your next visit, we've been working on more ways to share information relevant to your care. 

Introducing: Patient Portal - a simple, secure web-based platform to let you complete your pre-appointment pack at home. Here's a primer on the Portal and finding your way around:

Your Portal Reminder

Shortly before your next appointment with us, you'll get a reminder, by email or text (SMS), to begin completing your pre-appointment pack. It's worth letting us know as soon as you can if any of your contact details have changed recently.

Signing In

Once you've clicked on the 'fill out forms' link, via your reminder message, you'll need to sign in with your name and date of birth. Once done, your Portal home page will display the items you need to complete before your next visit to the practice.

Complete & Save

After completing each item, don't forget to click 'save'. You don't need to complete everything at once - if you need to come back to it, you can log in again using the same link in your reminder email. Remember: you'll need to complete all items in the portal before your next appointment to avoid delaying your treatment.


Once you've completed all items, your Portal homepage will list them for you. The Portal automatically links up to your patient record on our practice system, ready for your next appointment. Please keep the reminder until your appointment is concluded. If you need help or have any questions about the Patient Portal, please contact us.

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Guest - Dentist Jeddah on Thursday, 14 April 2022 13:57

Such an amazing article. You would love to see Best Dentists in Jeddah as well.

Hi, Such an amazing article. You would love to see Best Dentists in Jeddah as well.
Saturday, 25 June 2022

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